SDZA are putting on more and more classes and achieving better and better results in competitions

We cater for all age groups and look forward to seeing you soon- our poster is self-explanatory! 

Does your school want to offer interesting and diverse after school activities?  

Have you thought about Street Dance as an option?


It is seen as fun and a cool thing to do, so the PR battle is partly won if you choose to offer Street Dance utilising the considerable experience of SDZA.

SDZ are pleased to offer the previously successful SDZA experience to local schools once more.


Although we are successful in our groups in local, regional and national “comps” it is not all about glory and trophies- although we are always happy to see new faces or returnees in our numerous groups.  


It is worth remembering the bigger picture and Street Dance can have a really positive role to play in After school Activities.  


Track suits, t-shirts and trainers will do just fine, so there is no particular need to buy special clothing.  


  • Teamwork

  • Collaboration

  • Working to common goals 

  • Fitness, flexibility and positive self-esteem

  • Fun and learning combined

20+ years of experience in teaching mean that SDZ can accommodate a wide range of capabilities and attitudes and offer a great team experience to one or more year groups.  


It has proven to be a popular option for years five and six especially.

We offer a range of lessons-usually about 7 or 8 over the course of a term, at low cost- which build towards a display which can be for families and/or school assemblies, or year groups as a whole.  


We are just a phone call away, and will be happy to provide more information either over the telephone or in person.  



Give us a call, or email us using the form on this site, and explore what Street Dance Zone Academy can offer your school.

Street Dance lessons promote: