At Street Dance Zone Academy we LOVE teaching people just like you to get the most from Street Dance!

Come and learn with us safely and have fun as well as enjoying the many benefits that learning Street Dance can bring.

Flexibility, fitness, strength, being part of a team and having fun along the way are all part of the SDZ experience.  

A confidence boost for even the most timid of people is practically unavoidable. 

You will be taught by and be surrounded by people who “get it” as will you.

If you have the interest we have the teaching experience to help you to get the most from your Street Dance.

Street Dance and teaching Street Dance are our passions. 


We have been doing it for a long time and are still as full of enthusiasm as ever. 


Many people have passed through doing not only classes, but examinations and competitions too.  


We have a strong competition record if that is where you want to take your Street Dance passion.

From the youngest of school-age kids, to adults the activity and fitness benefits are obvious.  We all love the music and the clothes too- making it fun to do. 

We have a slightly retro feel to our take on Street Dance. 


​We know that this makes us stand out and we have been successful in many competitions. 


We really do strive to have a friendly atmosphere in all of our classes and events. 


Competitions are popular, and whether you are a novice or advanced student we will help you to get the most from yourself in a safe and happy environment whilst learning to the best of your ability.

We offer around 15 classes a week for different ages and stages so we are sure that we can help you find one that will suit you


We are friendly, approachable and happy to talk, or exchange emails if you have any questions-just contact us.  We also do one to one, or smaller classes by arrangement too.  


Just call us, or check out our Facebook Pages, and look at our video testimonials tat the bottom of this page. 


See you soon- Ali and the team